E-Commerce and marketing

We understand the specifics of digital business.

We will draft terms and conditions tailored to your needs, and help you with the matters of GDPR , online advertising, and use of cookies. We will help you to utilize the potential of customer data to the maximum – without overstepping the boundaries of law. We will set the rules for your relationships with influencers and digital agencies. We will arrange copyrights concerning campaigns, and make sure that you obtain all rights in relation to your online shop from the developers.

We will advise you on how to promote regulated products and services, from medical devices through nutritional supplements to online gambling.

Your brand is also important. We will secure the required researches and subsequent registrations. We will verify whether your brand is legally all right and can become a strong trademark.


What we handle in the fields of e-commerce and marketing most often:

  • Terms and conditions for online shops
  • Cookies
  • Personal data processing (GDPR)
  • Authorship contracts with content suppliers (graphic designers)
  • Contracts with influencers
  • Promotion of regulated products
  • Mailing of commercial communications (newsletters)
  • Telemarketing

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Help with e-commerce and marketing matters is provided by

JUDr. Jan Bárta

JUDr. Jan Bárta

Mgr. Kamila Francová

Mgr. Kamila Francová

Frequently asked questions
in the field of e-commerce and marketing

I have an online shop. What legal documents do I need to run the shop?

A basic document is the terms and conditions governing the sale of your goods and containing the conditions required for consumer protection. You also need to formulate information about personal data processing (GDPR) and the terms of use of cookies.

What rules apply to cookies?

To use marketing and analytical tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, HotJar and the like), you need to obtain consent from the website visitor. The consent is obtained through a cookies bar where the visitor must actively click to express their consent to the use of such tools. All the processing of personal data on the basis of cookies must be transparently described, typically in a cookie policy.

What about mailing? Can I send newsletters to my customers? And to prospective ones?

You can send commercial communications to those customers to whom you gave a choice to refuse to receive commercial communications (typically during registration in your online shop), but such communications may only relate to similar products and services of yours. Each newsletter must also contain an unsubscribe feature.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to write e-mails to prospective customers – such e-mails are SPAMS.

You may only contact prospective B2B customers by phone; however, this is subject to a balancing test. Balancing test is a qualified assessment whether the phone call is not unduly bothersome for your prospective customer. You might be requested to submit a balancing test to the Office for Personal Data Protection (in Czech: Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů) if the customer lodges a complaint with the Office.

I would like to organize a contest for consumers. What do I need to do so?

Primarily, you need the terms of the contest that must be fair and non-discriminatory. They must also refer to the scope of personal data processing (GDPR).