Real agents, claim enforcers, online casinos, crowdfunding portals or cryptocurrency businesses may easily become a money laundering tool.

AML regulations require you to prevent that.
We will create a system of internal rules tailored to your needs, carry out mandatory trainings of your employees , draw up comprehensive legal documentation, and help you set the processes that comply with the laws as well as the best practices in your field.

AML requires extensive processing of personal data, which you must also reflect in your GDPR documentation.

What we handle for our clients in the field of AML most often

  • Analysis of AML/CFT risks in the business of the particular client
  • Setting internal AML compliance processes (system of internal rules)
  • Creating model documentation (forms for identification and inspection)
  • AML training of employees
  • Analysis of impacts of international sanctions

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You will be guided through AML matters by

Mgr. Kamila Francová

Mgr. Kamila Francová

JUDr. Jan Bárta

JUDr. Jan Bárta

Frequently asked questions
in the field of AML

What is actually AML/CFT?

It is the abbreviation for Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism.

How can I found out whether AML/CFT relates to me?

Legal regulations impose on certain entrepreneurs the duty to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing. These duties apply to the entities specified by law – in addition to banks, financial institutions and insurance companies, such entities are also typically real agencies, gambling operators, collection agencies and many others.

Regrettably, AML relates to me. What should I do?

AML requires implementation of internal procedures to check whether or not money laundering or terrorism financing take place within the scope of your business. In accordance with the principle KYC = Know Your Customer it is necessary to identify clients and check on a continuous basis whether or not a suspicious transaction is concerned. It is also necessary to implement procedures to report suspicious transactions to competent authorities.

What about AML documentation and training?

Internal AML processes are governed by the document called the system of internal rules, which contains a description of all procedures. The selected obliged entities have to send it to the Financial Analytical Office (in Czech: Finanční analytický úřad). AML-obliged entities also have to provide an internal training no less than once per year. Detailed records of all the AML-related activities, i.e. identifications, checks, trainings and other activities, have to be kept and archived for the prescribed period.