Copyright law

Do you hire a graphic designer, programmer, copywriter or photographer, or do you order an advertising campaign? Or, in contrast, do you make your living by a creative activity, and want to have control over how your work is used? A high-quality contract is always the basis. No oral agreement or invoice provides for the matter of copyrights, so quite unnecessary problems often arise when a creative content is used.

Did an advertising agency provide you with the content, or did you download it from the internet? Do you use open-source? We are ready to advise you what to do not to cross the boundaries of law or whether you can register such an obtained logo as a trademark.

In short – no matter whether you create or order copyrighted works, contact us.

In what contexts we deal with copyrights most often

  • Contracts with providers of a creative content (software, graphic work, photographs, texts,…)
  • Contracts with influencers
  • Contracts with advertising agencies
  • Licensing agreements
  • Contracts with artists and models
  • Use of another party’s content in own creation
  • Negotiations with OSA and INTERGRAM
  • Software copyrights
  • Analysis of open-source licenses

And what can we help you with?
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Frequently asked questions
in the field of copyrights

I had a website/software programmed. Do I need a contract, or the invoice will do?

The invoice will certainly not do, because without express consent of the author you cannot modify their work. Without a correctly drafted contract it may happen that you will not be able to have the website/software administered by a new provider and will face “vendor lock-in” (dependency on a single provider).

Graphic design and software are provided to me by my employees and freelancers. But I do not address the matter of copyrights in any contracts. Should I?

You definitely should. You need to obtain, even from your employees, a number of rights that do not arise automatically and you must either obtain or, in contrast, exclude them in the labor contract (e.g. additional reward of the author for the use of their work).

I would like to download an image from the internet/a databank. Can I use it commercially afterwards?

Pay great attention to the source from which you download the image and to its license conditions. Even some image databases called free often allow only non-commercial use. You should better have the conditions checked.