Disputes in the field of IT

Disputes in the field of IT

We do not look for disputes, and we always try to find a way to settle disputes by agreement to the satisfaction of all the parties involved. However, sometimes the only way is litigation. Did a client refuse to pay for the work performed, or did the developers fail to provide the software in time and for the agreed price? We will help you achieve what you are entitled to.

We will represent you if someone has unlawfully occupied your domain, infringes your copyrights , wants to register a similar trademark,  or even imitates your products.

How to avoid disputes? By high-quality contracts – we are ready to help you with them as well.

What disputes we solve most often

  • Disputes related to software development
  • Disputes concerning copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringements
  • Opposition procedures before the Industrial Property Office (in Czech: Úřad průmyslového vlastnictví) and EUIPO
  • Domain disputes
  • License fee disputes

And what can we help you with?
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Frequently asked questions
in the field of IT disputes

What disputes do you solve most often in the field of IT?

Mostly at the end of a business relationship with the providers of IT solutions. They often end by a dispute over money, where the IT company does not want to hand over data, and give copyrights and source codes (until the counterparty pays for them). And the customer does not want to pay until the IT company hands over everything to the customer. Another category of disputes concerns situations when the contractor fails to deliver the work by the deadline and for the price formerly agreed.

How to best avoid disputes?

Although contract negotiations are often uncomfortable, they pay off and prevent disputes. Most of disputes arise when contracts are absent or improperly drawn up. We also represent clients in making agreements when a business relationship terminates – so that, ideally, we do not have to go to the court at all.

Competitors use a designation similar to our trademark. What to do?

In the first place, it must be checked whether or not they have already applied for registration of the designation as a trademark. Depending on the stage of the procedure, it is possible to either oppose the application for registration or apply for invalidation of the trademark already registered. If products or services are on the market, the matter can be solved by courts. However, before initiating legal proceedings, we always call on the other party to rectify the situation. It saves money, and we often achieve the goal even without initiating formal proceedings.

Someone has occupied my domain, can I defend against that?

It is important to have your brand, which forms the domain name, protected by a trademark. Then a domain name dispute is much easier to conduct. In the first place, we would call on the other party to transfer the domain and if they fail to do so, then legal proceedings may be initiated.