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We like to give lectures and trainings. We believe that by doing so we contribute to a better business environment.

We teach entrepreneurs and employees to understand law as a tool to facilitate their work – not to create unnecessary obstacles. Even topics that are unpopular among many people are presented in such a manner that the lecture is not only informative and comprehensible but also fun.

We regularly train employee of our clients in the fields of GDPR and AML. We also offer individual lectures tailored to your needs.


GDPR training

Employee training in the fields of GDPR and personal data protection is compulsory practically for every business.

Are you addressing any specific topic in the field of GDPR?
We are ready to prepare a training tailored to your individual needs.

In the GDPR training you find out e.g.:

  • what GDPR actually means and what myths are connected with it,
  • general rules of GDPR,
  • current problems and their practical solutions,
  • data security rules,
  • operation of camera systems and security monitoring,
  • rules for the collection and processing of user data,
  • use of user data in advertising and marketing.

“If you are looking for a training during which the trainees virtually eat up every word, then you want a training from Jan Bárta.”

Petr Mistrík, COO, Apollo Games
Are you addressing any specific topic in the field of GDPR?
We are ready to prepare a training tailored to your individual needs.

AML training

Duties in the field of prevention of money laundering are imposed not only on financial institutions but typically also on real agents, betting offices and casinos, cryptocurrency trading platforms and crowdfunding platforms. Their key duty is to secure a yearly training of their employees and other coworkers.

We provide regular trainings that meet the requirements of AML regulations.

Do you need an AML training?

In the AML training you find out e.g.:

  • how your products and services may be misused for money laundering,
  • what measures to take to prevent that,
  • how you identify a suspicious transaction and what to do if you detect a suspicious transaction,
  • or how to avoid a conflict with international sanctions.

“I expected to sit through a boring training. But in the end I was excited, amused and full of new knowledge and information. The lawyers of barta.legal really understand the AML topic like few do.”

Jiří Rájek, CEO, ERA Reality
Do you need an AML training?

Tailored legal training

Each business is associated with specific legal requirements, each problem has a solution. No matter what your field of business and needs are, we are ready to tailor a legal training to suit your needs.

Just tell us what you need.

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